Supercritical 800°F Geothermal
Power Stations

How it works
Reliable power

Renewable, Dispatchable, Baseload

GeoX delivers the only dispatchable, baseload energy with 100% uptime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, with extra dispatchable power available at the push of a button, no expensive batteries required!

Modular design

Leveraging Unique Materials & Chemistry

GeoX's unique patent-pending leveraged materials and chemistry technology, thermally stimulated supercritical reservoir heat exchanger and its standardized power station IP designs, manufactured in advance, then shipped and installed in a truncated time frame, up to 10X quicker.

Smart investment

Low Renewable LCOE

GeoX’s standardized power station designs have low LCOE when compared to other renewable, carbon and nuclear power generation technologies. We eliminate time-consuming, conventional geothermal designs that are highly customized engineered projects that take 10 years at a much higher cost.

About Us

The GeoX Team

GeoX's leadership team consists of re-purposed oil and gas engineers, geophysicists, turbine engineers, thermodynamics Ph.D.'s, and operations leaders/entrepreneurs. We have executed many complicated, deep, high-pressure, high-temperature oil and gas wells and projects worldwide valued at billions of dollars for Global 500 firms like Shell, ExxonMobil, and ConocoPhillips.

Our background was the catalyst for establishing GeoX. We went back to first principles utilizing over 150 years of combined engineering leadership. Our diverse cross-functional engineering skill sets and seasoned experience enabled us to develop a breakthrough geothermal dispatchable baseload power plant design and a standardized rapid install system.

Leveraging unique materials and chemistry, we have engineered a significantly lower LCOE, infinitely lower-risk, differentiated solution. The solution is a quicker way of getting the geothermal heat to the surface through our patent applied for standardized thermal reservoir design. Coupled with our unique pre-fab standardized turbine power station design above ground, the net result is, GeoX can generate power quicker and more cost effectively.

What We Do

Geothermal Power
One Stop Shop, No Red Tape

Geological Pre-Planning

Geological Pre-Planning

GeoX's geophysics team evaluates and selects the best possible sites for well placement and drilling.

Well Excavation

Thermally Stimulated Reservoir

GeoX's drilling team of engineers plan and deliver the thermally stimulated reservoirs, used to circulate geothermally heated fluid to surface to drive the turbines.

Module Fabrication

Standardized Fabrication

GeoX delivers standardized, prefabricated, modular geothermal power stations quickly.

Power Station Installation

System Installation

GeoX's field operation/engineering teams execute the power station installation and connects to the grid.

Acceptance Testing

Acceptance Testing

GeoX's engineers perform exhaustive acceptance testing of the thermal reservoir and power station before being placed into service.

Repair & Maintenance

Production & Maintenance

GeoX's power station production and maintenance teams manage and run the power station 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The world needs non-toxic, CO2-free electricity.

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How it works

GeoX Perpetual Low Cost

Baseload Power


100% Renewable - 24 Hours a Day

GeoX's standardized patent-pending thermal reservoir design is engineered to be drilled and installed into supercritical temperature rocks. These supercritical temperature rocks heat the fluid to the required temperature. This fluid is circulated up to the surface and back down to bottom non-stop, 24 hours a day. This energized fluid vaporizes into steam continuously at the surface in our closed-system (no emissions), which drives our unique patent-pending standardized steam turbine power stations.


100% Uptime - 365 Days a Year

GeoX delivers energy initially from earth 10,000 degrees F Core, which is 2000 miles below. We deliver 100% uptime, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We also can supply extra dispatchable power at the push of a button. Wind and solar can only average around 25% uptime. Having 100% renewable year-round power is only possible with GeoX.


100% Standardized 60 Year Design

GeoX's standardized power station have a 60-year lifespan, 3X more than wind and solar. We manufacture standardized turbines in advance and use standardized thermal reservoir designs so that GeoX can be installed in an enormously truncated time frame, as quickly as one year.

How GeoX Stacks Up


Conventional Systems

Low-Cost Dispatchable Baseload

GeoX produces the lowest-cost baseload power 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.


High-Cost Dispatchable Baseload

Carbon power plants, wind and solar are not dispatchable. To be dispatchable, they have to install costly battery systems or redundant systems at a much higher cost than GeoX power stations.

Convection Systems

GeoX's thermal convection reservoir system produces next to no emissions.


Open Systems

Carbon power plants contribute 33% of the world's CO2 pollution. Conventional geothermal often has emissions.

25-50 Year Lifespan

GeoX's standardized geothermal systems are engineered to have a 25-50 year lifespan.


20-Year Lifespan

Wind and solar average lifespans of 20 years.

Standardized Design

GeoX's standardized modular power plants are manufactured in advance and can be installed in a truncated time frame.


Custom Design

Conventional power plants require extensive custom engineering. They are thus high costs and have longer development times.

100% Uptime

GeoX provides renewable power with 100% uptime - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, no batteries required!


25% Uptime

Other renewables like wind and solar can only provide intermittent renewable power 25% of the time.

GeoX's Leadership Team

Andrew Fleming

Chief Executive Officer

Global 500 Oil & Gas Operations Manager with over 30+ years of leadership in international drilling projects. Responsible for billions of dollars of complex drilling/production projects and assets. Andrew has worked around the world for large E&P firms, like ConocoPhillips, Ophir, Glencore, Essar, Zapata, executing HPHT deepwater drilling and completion projects with wells costing upwards of $100MM. In remote, environmentally, and technically challenging areas for international exploration and development. Responsible for drilling and completion projects in Abu Dhabi, Cameroon, Canada, China, Dutch North Sea, India, Indonesia, Ireland, New Zealand, Nigeria, Tanzania, UK, UK North Sea, USA, and Vietnam.

David Park

Chief Operations Officer

David is a Global 500 Oil & Gas Well Engineering Manager with over 25+ years of leadership in international drilling completions engineering for Shell, British Gas, Tullow, ADNOC, etc. Well engineering/planning experience in managing offshore and land projects (deep-water, HPHT, land exploration/appraisal, and development projects completions) in remote, environmentally, and technically challenging areas for international exploration and development. David has been responsible for billions of dollars of engineering projects/assets and the execution of complex drilling and production projects with HPHT deep water wells costing $50MM+ in Brazil, Irish Sea, Greenland, East and West Africa, UK, North Atlantic, Venezuela. UAE, Gabon, Brunei, Thailand, and South America.

Greg Szutiak

Chief Engineer & Technology Officer

Global 500 oil & gas well engineering, responsible for billions of dollars of engineering projects/assets, with over 30 years of leadership. Lead the development, testing, and commercialization of many drilling and completion technologies for well services groups and within Shell & Baker Hughes. Shell, Anadarko, EOG, Vitol Inc. Azerbaijan, USA, UAE, Canada, Mexico, and Ukraine. B.Sc. Petroleum Engineering

Gary Pekarek

Chief Geoscience Officer

Global 500 Geophysicist with 30+ years’ experience interpreting seismic in diverse geological environments marine/deepwater, complex salt, and shales, to the fractured basement and geothermal. Hundreds of lease locations identified internationally, also specifying optimal well placements. Nineteen years for ExxonMobil with projects in the US, Canada, Kenya, Sudan, Columbia, Indonesia, Iraq, Lebanon, Peru, Uzbekistan, and Yemen.

Tony Broeker

Chief Steam Turbine Officer

Thirty years in the global 500 turbine industry with General Electric as a Senior Turbine Engineer. Design Experience: Steam Turbine Technology Design for new units, retrofits, and new product development. Technical lead for thrust bearing failure resolution, collaborated with the supplier to measure and analyze damaged bearings, and implemented improvements. Rotor dynamic analyses, including critical speed, lateral train, and torsional frequency.

Jerry Cerkovnik

Chief Wells Officer

Thirty years in the drilling industry, Baker Hughes INTEQ, Ensign Drilling: providing drilling directional/horizontal engineering and design for directional/horizontal drilling operations. Team leader on the original development of steerable motors, horizontal drilling, short radius horizontal technology, and PDC drill bit technology. A senior engineer who has worked for the world’s largest directional firms like Baker Hughes INTEQ worldwide.

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